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Melodic Sessions Podcast

The Melodic Sessions by DJ Prototype202 is a monthly talk free melodic progressive trance and house podcast for lovers of progressive trance, progressive breaks and progressive house with melody. Music not just for peak time club experiences but trance and house dj mixes as happy playing on the ipod dock or in the car on a road trip as it is at sunrise in Ibiza. Pads, sweeping strings, shimmering vocals, deep bouncing basslines and lush chords are the key to this progressive trance, progressive house and progressive breaks mix podcast.

Best Listener Comments

"Somehow you've gotten into my brain, listened to the soundtrack that I play in my imagination, and produced it for me to play over and over. Awesome! You rock my world. Keep up the great work" Sara

"It was a pure fluke how I found you and I am lost for words with with your mixes. Absolutely BRILLIANT!!! Keep up the great work!" Subash

"Another absolute epic piece of melody music. I'm amazed that not many people know your podcasts, it's by far the most beautiful examples of what quality EDM has to offer" Ricardo

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Player: Golden Mix - July 2015


Golden Mix. 100 mins of pure unadulterated melodic progressive house to bliss you out. Featuring tracks and remixes from BGK, 1Touch, Lane8, Dan Sieg, Nigel Good, Dusky, Tom Middleton, Kobana, Mango, Jallen and Kono. From labels including Silk Royal, Incepto, Macarize, Anjunadeep, Nueva Deep and Pineapple Digital.

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